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Patient-centered care bridging integration and collaboration in the areas of

biomedical physiology and pathology, energetics, functional status, and ​psychosocial domains.


Bridging East and West Medicine by Applying Modern Science and 

Offering an Objective Analysis of Improvement

Acupuncture Featuring Computerized Energy Analysis

Each acupuncture visit can include an AcuGraph Meridian Digital Imaging™  analysis and graph so you can visualize the condition of your energetic pathways and understand what we are working on that day.   This allows you to better understand how energetic imbalances are affecting you as well as help to identify the root of long term patterns of disharmony.  Energetic balance affects everything from situational stress to pain relief, and everything in between!

1600 N. Main St., Ste. 3, Hampstead, MD 21074


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