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Patient-centered care bridging integration and collaboration in the areas of

biomedical physiology and pathology, energetics, functional status, and ​psychosocial domains.


Offered in-office with remote and telemedicine coaching options available.  No referrals are needed.  Some in-office services are covered by healthcare insurance depending upon your plan.  For appointments, rates or questions, inquire for more details.

Advanced Functional Medicine

A holistic and innovative combination of effective natural health care and self-care strategies for prevention, maintenance or sustainable improvement or recovery from acute or chronic injuries or illnesses, by looking at the whole picture of the ailment or pain. 


 This comprehensive approach takes into consideration all aspects of how a person is influenced and affected by our everyday life, diet and environment and is focused on addressing the root cause of the illness or dis-ease.  By integrating various forms of lab testing, your energetic analysis's, mind-body stress components and allergy or sensitivity profile with cutting-edge modern solutions based in energetic and East Asian medicine, we can establish the best options for your individual improvement.  The goal is to empower you to effectively take back control of your health, and give your body the best foundation to heal itself.  Therapeutic "prescriptions" generally involve using age-old, natural or supplemental methods to accomplish re-balancing of the patient's physical as well as the mental and emotional aspects that contribute to their pain or illness.​  This East Asian influenced system of medicine gives you the relief you seek as well as educates you about the tools needed for effective self-care and promotes stress-free living, restful sleep, high-level wellness and peak performance.  Many chronically ill patients see dramatic improvement, and in some cases, even reversal of chronic symptoms.  Many report they feel better than they have in years.  Advanced Functional Medicine also functions as a complement to produce better results when integrated with various other forms of necessary medical treatment approaches and therapies and is an effective natural solution for any age.    





Reduce pain and/or promote an optimal healing environment in your body by harmonizing your bio-energies which are linked with various emotional, endocrine and autonomic nerve imbalances. Visits includes a personalized Acugraph analysis of your energetic meridians, which are the pathways of bio-energy flow. Stimulation of acupuncture points and subtle energy can effectively occur regardless of using needle or non-needle options.


Applied Nutritional Analysis

A uniquely designed clinical nutrient therapy individualized for your specific needs. Powerful food-as-medicine approach that analyzes the health of your organ bio-energetic systems and utilizes diet, lifestyle change and nutritional and herbal support to restore your body's healing mechanisms for the greatest improvements possible.​


Functional Analysis of 

Lab Reports

Leading-edge advances in the analysis of a patient's state of health and function also offer advanced personalized treatment.  Specific lab tests are analyzed using functional medicine values and effective drug-free or conservative options are presented to correct the findings. 

Other Lab Testing and Evaluations




We provide the highest quality, natural, and oftentimes organically grown food sources for supplements and herbs to give the body the support it needs to correct itself without side effects. 


Whole Food Nutritional Supplementation

Trace Minerals


Protomorphogen Extracts

Herbal Supplementation


These are available at our office, and patients have access to conveniently purchase some of the products online and have them sent directly to their home.



  • Acupuncture (needle and non-needle)
  • Auriculotherapy
  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Infrared Light Therapy
  • Tuina- Joint Mobilization



  • Detoxification
  • Fasting
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Affirmations
  • Qi Gong


  • Sound Therapy
  • Color Therapy

1600 N. Main St., Ste. 3, Hampstead, MD 21074


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