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Patient-centered care bridging integration and collaboration in the areas of

biomedical physiology and pathology, energetics, functional status, and ​psychosocial domains.

"Results are Amazing"

"I started acupuncture with Paula almost 2 months ago. I have always been hesitant of the process but am loving the treatment. She has helped me in so many ways including education in nutrition, energy, sleep, and overall physical wellness. The needles are not at all what I thought and the results are amazing. Thanks Paula!"


"Emotional Clearing Process has Helped Me"

"Paula is a kind and powerful healer. Her emotional clearing process has helped me to gently and easily release very old, heavy fears and blocks. How do I know this happens? I feel lighter and freer and more joyful after each session and a week or so later, I can hardly remember what we worked on. I love the way Paula treats me as a partner and encourages my own intuitive insights to help guide the sessions. Working with Paula has helped me to move forward in my life with more confidence and ease."


"Helped Me Manage the Side Effects of Chemotherapy"

"Chemotherapy is one of those life-changing events no one ever wants to experience personally. Intellectually, I knew if I was going live and survive breast cancer I would have to endure chemotherapy. After treatment 2 of 6, I was not certain I would be able to manage the effects of chemo on my otherwise healthy body and arrived at a place where I understood one friend’s decision to end their chemotherapy treatments prematurely due to the horrible quality of life you have to withstand between treatments.

Everything you have ever heard about chemotherapy side effects is true and probably not fully understood unless you have gone through the journey. Having acupuncture sessions with Paula Shaffer greatly improved my quality of life between chemotherapy treatments.

Paula’s acupuncture treatments were delivered with extreme professionalism, in a calming environment conducive to a wellness and healing journey.  Paula took a thorough history of my diagnosis and the treatment

plan I was undergoing when we met for clarity on my medical treatments, my concerns, and goals. My goals were simple; minimize huge drain of energy, severe flu like symptoms and constant nausea that always began 48 hours after chemotherapy and lasted for the next 10 days.

Paula’s treatments helped me manage the side effects of chemotherapy much easier. Without acupuncture, I was able to accomplish very little day-to-day tasks; even showering in the morning would leave me exhausted. My energy levels began to increase after each acupuncture treatment. I found it easier to accomplish some small household tasks that seemed to require enormous amounts of energy prior to acupuncture treatments. I even managed to participate in Pilates classes as my energy levels increased which was a great contrast to spending most of my days in bed for 5-7 days after chemo and suffer.

As I told a few friends, I don’t know what’s on the end of the magic needles Paula uses, but they make me feel better and tolerate chemotherapy easier. My goals were met."


See What People Are Saying

"Paula has been a lifesaver to me!"

"Headache Free...Since Receiving my first Acupuncture Treatment"

"Paula has been a lifesaver to me!  When I entered her office for the first time, I could barely see straight because of the chronic headache that had been plaguing me for months. I explained to Paula how I woke each morning with a headache, endured the pain throughout the day, went to bed each night still feeling the headache, and tossed and turned because of the pain all night long; only to wake and begin the cycle all over again the following day.

After a thorough evaluation, Paula devised a treatment plan with the hope of rebalancing my energies and alleviating some of my pain.

To my delight and amazement, I have been headache free for almost 2 weeks since receiving my first acupuncture treatment from Paula. She is truly gifted, and I feel very fortunate to have found her!"


Posture, Digestion and Sleeping Improved!

I have been a client of Paula Shaffer both in 2016 and 2018. During both sets of treatments, I greatly benefited from Paula’s dedication to her clients’ wellbeing and the passion that she has for her work.

During middle school, I was injured during a soccer game. My family doctor had said that I would always have neck and back problems. The doctor wanted me to look into surgery to correct this issue. Instead, I tried chiropractic care which helped for several months, but I had to return monthly to maintain my posture. A friend recommended acupuncture to correct the issue. I saw a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. These treatments helped, but after two months, my posture was out of alignment and I was in pain again. I had accepted my poor posture and pain as something that would always exist.

My sister introduced me to Paula after she had experienced a significant health turnaround from working with Paula. When I met Paula, I was skeptical that she could correct my posture. She assured me that she would work tirelessly to treat my neck and back. While working with her, she asked me about other health concerns that I was experiencing.

I told her about digestion issues that I had experienced for years. After she found the correlation and treated both issues, my posture and digestion were corrected. Two years later, I have not experienced neck pain and my posture has greatly improved.

Earlier this year, I was waking up feeling as though I had not slept. I could not stay awake during the day and this was impacting my job and school performance. Colleagues and friends were very concerned about my health and demanded that I seek medical attention. I sought out the help of Paula. Within three sessions, she identified lifestyle, diet, and supplemental changes to make in addition to the acupuncture treatments. I was able to sleep through the night, feel fully rested, and stay energized throughout the day.

Her dedication to my wellbeing was evident through this entire process. Her tireless work to sort through my diet, life events, emotional state, other health concerns, recommendations of supplements, and the follow-up well after I had completed working with her demonstrated to me that Paula is truly dedicated to her work and her clients’ wellbeing.


1600 N. Main St., Ste. 3, Hampstead, MD 21074


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