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Patient-centered care bridging integration and collaboration in the areas of

biomedical physiology and pathology, energetics, functional status, and ​psychosocial domains.

When Optimal Health Fee​ls Elusive...

Try a different Approach. See a different Result.

What is Advanced Functional Medicine?​

Functional Medicine sees the body as a connected whole as opposed to focusing on individual body systems (ex: cardiology, gastroenterology, podiatry). It recognizes that to be able to fully understand the root cause of dysfunction, all parts of the body must be considered when looking at underlying phenomena that occurs across specialties (inflammation, toxicities, etc.) and it offers natural and drug-free approaches that focus on a long-term resolution.

"Advanced Functional Medicine" takes the amazing results of functional medicine to an even broader perspective. It is the innovation of combining the diagnostics of functional medicine, with a larger holistic spectrum of energetic analysis and therapies. It takes into account other components involved in restoring optimal health including mental and emotional stress that accompanies an illness or injury and offers practical options for the patient to regain balance of their health, mood, feelings of well-being and experience the most comprehensive results possible.   It is a stand-alone modality or it can be used integratively.

What is Integrative Healthcare?

Integrative Healthcare refers to combining standard, conventional medical care and therapies with natural, complementary, preventative, lifestyle or other approaches to medicine in a collaborative effort.  Many allopathic practitioners welcome the inclusion of other safe approaches that may improve their patient's quality of life and reduce or eliminate unwanted side effects or toxic overload from pharmaceutical drug intervention. In certain cases, best outcome is achieved when working with an integrative team to maximize the benefits of collaboration.

Multiple studies now suggest that  integrating conventional treatments with holistic approaches synergistically will increase the chances of an improved reported outcome as opposed to conventional medical intervention alone, delivering a better experience for the patient.

Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life!

Will this benefit you? Begin by asking yourself, do you feel really good, have lots of energy, sleep well, and enjoy life to the fullest? Or have you become dissatisfied with the quality of your health?  

  • Are pain and discomfort standing in your way?
  • Chronic injuries derailing your career?
  • Are you physically active and injuries take longer to heal than you would like?
  •  Have you been to see one doctor after another, but you still don't seem to be able to resolve your health issue, or have they not been able to find anything wrong at all?  
  • Want to prepare for an upcoming surgery or recover more quickly post surgically and have the best results?
  • Are you feeling more aches, finding it hard to get around and been told that you're getting older and that's just the way things are? 
  • Allergies dampening the mood?
  • Do you avoid taking medicines or going to see the doctor for health checks altogether? 
  • You feel as though you are in pretty good shape and you'd like to stay that way, aging gracefully and living each day to the fullest with peace of mind?
If you've said yes to any of the above, you've found a new option.  

Natural Healthcare Your Way  

More and more Americans report concerns such as these every day and while modern drugs and procedures have been undeniably life saving, our culture has come to rely heavily upon suppressing a symptom without actually fixing it.   Even worse, if you have a condition that hasn't shown up on conventional  lab work and testing, or if you can't seem to find a drug that helps, or found one that does help but also has intolerable side effects, it can be very disheartening.  

We forget that our bodies are actually amazing pieces of machinery specifically designed to self-repair when given the needed building blocks to do so.  We have strayed from time-proven methods that support our body's  ability to heal itself and continue to furnish us a high quality of life, even as we age.   In fact, many common practices today result in disrupting the immune system and lead to pain and chronic illnesses that standard care alone can not reverse. 

There is more demand now, more than ever before to fill the gaps in conventional medicine as public awareness shifts toward preventative and natural recovery medicine.  Find improvement with virtually any condition that hasn't resolved by itself or after using other medical approaches.  

Get a good night's sleep again.  Feel the harmony of a mind not overcome by anxiety and stress.  In fact, feel better than you have in years.   Health is wealth, and it's never too soon or too late to start.  You'll thank yourself for it later!


When more of the same is no longer an option, choose to return to a higher quality of life now!  

Try a Different Approach.  See a Different Result.

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